Revitalizing and re-energizing a pioneer

SageGlass, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, quite literally invented the electrochromic or tintable glass industry. With inferior products from lesser known competition entering the vertical, it was time for SageGlass to reclaim their rightful position as the recognized industry leaders.

By repositioning the brand around the human benefit, as opposed to the technical prowess, we were able to bring the brand back to life with a market position that appealed to architects and building owners alike. The ‘Look Again’ campaign helped relaunch SageGlass as the manufacturing experts of a people centric product with environmental benefits.


The Connected Companies of Keller

Keller is a true global leader who’s success is strategically driven by their network of industry leading companies. But as a whole, they were not widely known in the US market. Its subsidiary companies, like Hayward Baker, Case Foundations, etc., were well known and respected, but our challenge was to tell the story of the whole, and how each of the individual companies were put together to form a highly strategic, innovative, industry leader that will lead the world in geotechnical solutions. The result is the Connected Companies of Keller.


Shining the light on a heritage company

EW Howell is a GC/CM that has been serving the New York building market for 125+ years, and have been involved in some of the most iconic projects in the area.

EW Howell has developed a reputation for taking large, complex projects and making them simple for their clients. INDUSTRI helped define their core value proposition, and put a name to their approach, “Build simply.” Once the benefit had been uncovered, we helped focus their expertise in four key sectors, education, healthcare, arts/culture and retail/hospitality, and then created Construction Divisions for each. The focused approach gave the internal team clear direction and helped shape a compelling message to their audience.


The need to differentiate in a commodity market

With a 60 year history, a new national footprint and expansive distribution facilities, Sherwood had the opportunity to take a lead position in a this very specialized industry. Given the volatility of the market we positioned Sherwood as the stable force in the industry with a reputation their customers could rely on.

The new brand positioning and visual design gave Sherwood a more significant presence in the industry based around a track record of history, integrity, credibility and nationwide presence.


When it comes to Foreign Exchange, it’s time to “Think Now”

By taking years of expertise in trading foreign currencies, combining it with a revolutionary technology platform and the backing of a major force in global banking (CITIC Capital), CC Track is able to provide a clear perspective on foreign exchange, an often misunderstood and undervalued segment of the financial industry.

We created a new identity for the company and provided a voice and platform to launch their specialized skill set to the world.


Revealing a hidden story of innovation and success

For a 20 year-old plastics molding company that had far outgrown its original purpose a change was needed. We reinvented the brand to live up to the innovative, design-led business it had become.

Renaming the company Method (formerly CSL Plastics) and by highlighting their unique process and success stories, the company relaunched as the one partner who can make the impossible project possible for their clients.


The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts

WCD Group needed to tell a clear and concise story about a company that had multiple business entities operating under different names.

By focusing on the collective expertise of the different entities rather than the individual sector experience, we were able to build a brand focused around the cumulative effects of their experience. This repositioned WCD as a partner who should be introduced earlier in the lifecycle of construction projects.


Creating a category of one, eliminates competitors

Rather than broadening the market, we decided to limit the focus to a very specialized audience and turn a commodity product into a performance enhancer.

By creating and owning specific categories Titanium for Racing, Titanium for Medical, Titanium for Aerospace, etc.,  TMS became the specialty provider for each of their core targets.  Demand was created for TMS’s products, making them a must-have for engineers.


Experience counts, especially when going into the most unknown environment in construction, the underground

The challenge was to make 120+ years of history relevant and beneficial to today’s construction industry.

As Moretrench literally invented the category, the opportunity existed to reclaim the company’s position as innovators and industry leaders. A new brand identity was developed and campaign launched with the line “No one has seen more than Moretrench”, which helped Moretrench redefine how the market sees them.