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Tried and True Process for Creating an AEC Brand

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1st Rule in AEC branding… never brand the product or service, always brand the benefit.

Why do the majority of marketing efforts fail? Because steps are skipped and best practices are not followed.

Brand advertising and B2B marketing is a mature science. There are well documented marketing best practices. There are right and wrong ways of doing things in marketing and there are no shortcuts to marketing return on investment. Believe me, when shortcuts are taken the likelihood of marketing success diminishes.

When you invest your marketing dollars you expect a return on investment. To see that you get it, we’ve developed a process that combines the best practices of marketing into three proven steps.

These steps help you focus on and talk about the ‘Why’ in your business, preventing you from making the most common mistake AEC companies make when it comes to marketing, which is to continually talk about the ‘What’.

AEC Companies Mistakes

Clients that adhere to the process win more of the work they want to win,and our experienced team is thoroughly trained at applying these branding and B2B marketing best practices to help our clients succeed and measurably grow their businesses.

Download a PDF of this piece here.

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